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Migrating Knowledge

Academic Director: Prof. Rivka Feldhay
The approach of the Migrating Knowledge research group is grounded in the belief that communication, translation, cross-cultural encounters, and diffusion play a vital role in the construction of knowledge. Moreover, it presupposes that ideas are not ‘bodiless’ and do not exist in abstract space. Ideas are embedded in texts, objects, diagrams, instruments, and various kinds of equations and images.

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Events & Publciations

Conference: The Moral Dilemmas of Science

We are delighted to invite you to The Moral Dilemmas of Science conference organized by The Minerva Humanities Center, the Cohn Institute fot eh History and Philosophy of Science and the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University. The conference will be held on November 14th-15th, in Tel Aviv University. For further

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Special Lecture, Prof. Henriette Dahan Kalev: “Canon, Transmission and Tradition: Contemporary Gender-related Aspects”

The Minerva Humanities Center invites you to Prof. Henriette Dahan Kalev’s special lecture about: “Canon, Transmission and Tradition: Contemporary Gender-related Aspects”. Prof. Dahan-Kalev’s talk is the keynote lecture of the summer workshop of the Tradition: Canon, Transmission and Critique research group led by Dr. Vered Sakal and Dr. Lina Barouch under the auspices of the Migrating

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Lexicon for Political Theory: Encyclopedia in the Making

Academic Director: Dr. Ariel Handel
The Lexicon group studies foundational concepts in political theory and initiates the writing of original essays in the field. The project’s gradually expanding compilation of concepts will include traditional concepts drawn from the canon of political theory alongside concepts imported from other disciplines; concepts that have seeped into our language and perception from everyday experiences or concepts extracted from local or foreign political histories; and invented concepts, designed to enable the description of new phenomena.

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Living Together: Exploring Modes of Political Membership

Academic Director: Dr. Raef Zreik  
The “Living Together” group has been working together since February 2010, seeks to enrich the existing repertory of forms of association, belonging, and political citizenship. The project is grounded in Muslim, Christian, and Jewish sources of all eras (premodern, modern, contemporary) in an attempt to expand the perspectives that emerge from the clash between liberalism and its recent critics.

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Events & Publciations

Exhibition: The Dome of the Rock

The exhibition opens on January 6th, 2016
The Photography Gallery, Bezal’el, Jerusalm

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Symposium — Jewish / Zionist Resistance to 1948 Expulsions?

Between the end of 1947 and the beginning of 1949, approximately 770,000 Palestinians were expelled from the area which later became the state of Israel. These refugees constituted about 85% of the Palestinian population who lived in the area prior to the expulsions. The historiographical accounts of these events – whether those written by Zionist

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